3L Humidifier Diffuser-X11


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Large 3000mL USB Power Supply Humidifier Diffuser-X11

Model: X11
Material: ABS
Input: 5V
Recharging Current: 1A
Capacity: 3000mL
Power Supply Mode: USB Power Supply
Spray quantity: 30-50ml/h
Product Size: 146*146*260mm
Product Weight: 450g

This 3000mL USB Power Supply Mini Humidifier makes an ideal gift for any occasion. A larger capacity than other small humidifiers. This humidifier has a large tank that lasts longer and operates at less noise. It features an auto-off function when the water is empty. And settings such as mist modes, night light modes. Add a floral/aromatic essence to your surroundings and breathe deep into relief from seasonal ailments and allergies.

Exquisite style breathing light mini humidifier, which will be a best one in your life. Breathing light shows a very novel effect. It has large capacity of water tank, high strength ABS material, innovative design. Make this humidifier avant-garde and unique

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