Buying/Ordering online is a very simple process.
The following steps will guide you through the process:

Step 1
Visit on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Step 2
Search for any item/product you desire and select it, it will take you to the product page

Step 3
At the product page you will see more information and varieties of the product. Then tap/click add to trolley, This will take you to the trolley page.

Step 4
At the trolley page you will see the item/product you chose and the total amount including tax and delivery. Then tap/click payment, this will take you to the delivering/shipping page.

Step 5
At the delivering/shipping page you will be required to enter your information that will be used for delivery. Then tap/click continue to payment method

Step 6
At this page you can select your preferred payment method which are PayToday, eWallet, EasyWallet and BlueWallet. To complete the order you have make the payment. You will receive a text message/email or both(it will depend on which information you gave at step 5) to confirm you order.

NB:After entering your payment method, our sales agents will call you to confirm your order and to make the payment.