Wireless Vibraton Controller 3 in 1 Compatible with PS2, PS3 and PC


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Product Description

  • This Joypad is frequency wireless controller, Called RF to handle for short.
  • Used for PlayStation3, PlayStation2, and Computer, Compatible with PS1, PSX.

Product Features

  • Built Frequency 2.4Ghz technology inside
  • Built Digital and Analog mode technology inside
  • Built Double High-quality Motor for Mega Vibration
  • External double AAA batteries power designed, Endurance capacity of more than 10 hours (battery not included )
  • Lower voltage indication, in order to stable playing game, the controller will be automatically shut down the Motor when lower voltage
  • Support Multi-loop signal: No mutual interference when simultaneous control ( Max accommodating 20 sets controller )
  • Support operating distance of up to 8-10 meter (max 14meter)

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