Wireless Stereo MP3/Headphones


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This is a wireless blue-tooth 740T headset with a neck behind design to hold you very effectively and providing you best music experience. This wireless blue-tooth hands free headset provides you a feeling of quiet and comfortable listening experience. Specially designed with in-ear style this blue-tooth headset comes with dedicated SD card slot .it gives you ultimate comfort when you wear it and fit into your ears very easily and softly from behind you neck. Characterized by stylish design and advanced technology, you will be feeling cool and trendy once wearing it. Enjoy your hands free calls whether you are driving a car or doing your other important stuff without holding that, provide you safety. You can have a long talk with your friends without disturbing normal action and without feeling any disturbance as you don't feel this is so compact and portable that you can carry and use it anywhere anytime by just putting it in your bag or any other.

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