Wireless Microphone

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  • Operating Voltage: 2 * AA battery for Mic (not include battery in Package)
  • 1 * AA battery for receiver (not include battery in Package)
  • Technical parameters:
  • The range of frequency: 220MHZ to 270MHZ
  • Frequency stability: 50 PPM (5-10 du degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius)
  • Frequency response: 60hZ-13KHZ
  • The receiver:
  • Receiving sensitivity: better than 12 is a 40 db (S/N=)
  • Modulation mode: FM
  • Working temperature: -10du degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius
  • Distance: 10-20m
  • The emitter:
  • Transmission power: 10mw(+1)
  • Working current:<=100mA
  • Note: It is only mic,need to connect yourself speaker by 6.35mm plug receiver,then make a sound.

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