Whirlpool built- in microwave oven: stainless steel colour - AMW 848/IXL


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  • Crisp Function
  • Cavity 22 L
  •  Jet Start: rapid food reheating
  •  Jet Defrost: fast reheating
  •  750 W microwave
  •  25 cm turntable
  •  Maximum dish diameter: 280 mm
  •  Frontal ventilation
  •  Side opening
  •  Crisp plate and handle
  •  Crisp Function with Crisp Plate
  •  3 Cooking Methods: Microwave, Grill, Crisp
  •  Connection Rating: 2000 W
  •  Quartz Grill
  •  700 W Grill Power
  •  LEDs Digits only display with green letters (G2)
  •  iXelium Finishing

Whirlpool built in microwave oven: stainless steel color - AMW 439/IX

This Whirlpool built in Microwave Oven features: stainless steel color. Grill function. Crisp function, for unbeatably crisp quiches, pizzas and pies. Jet Defrost function for exceptionally fast and even defrosting.


Unbeatable crispness. This Whirlpool Microwave's Crisp function and dedicated pan ensures you can cook the crispiest pizza, pie or quiche, anytime.

Dual Crisp Enjoy an unbeatable crispness outside and a delicious tenderness inside, with DualCrisp. An exclusive technology by Whirlpool. Two microwave emission points to completely enfold food and evenly cook it also from the bottom.


Fast grilling, faster cleaning. Your Microwave's powerful grilling function provides the same delicious results as a traditional oven. The tilting motion of the grill also ensures easier cleaning.

Jet Start

Outstanding reheating speed. The JetStart function boosts the heat inside the oven to the maximum for 30 seconds, providing the ideal temperature to reheat food with high water content such as clear soups or beverages.

Quartz grill

Ideal cooking experience. The Quartz Grill reheats and cooks your food faster than a traditional infrared grill. It is resource-efficient, reducing your energy costs, and entirely self-cleaning.

3D Technology

Cooked to perfection. The revolutionary 3D technology system ensures even heat circulation through a fully 3-dimensional heat distribution system, so you can always enjoy evenly-cooked meals, at the touch of a button.

22 litres capacity

More room for your cooking creations. This Whirlpool Microwave offers a comfortable 22-litre capacity, ensuring you'll never run out of space to explore new recipes.


Easy to clean. Anti-fingerprint treatment ensures fingerprints, dust and scratches are easily removed. Cleaning is easier than ever.


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