Wahl WA9160-2016 Pet Hair Clipper


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Product Description

Trimmer electric Hair so pets/dogs fit for most types Hair animal. Sharp Control plus four Combs accessories for a variable length cutting 0,8-13mm. High carbon steel blades oxidation resistant coal for a top cutting performance. Quiet operation, ideal safe animal sensitive ratio noise. Packaged in a storage/shipping pouch durable. The trimmer attachment Hair PROFESSIONAL Wahl 9160-2016 includes a standard motor electric basic large power, designed to be rugged and cope with the most types Hair animal. Our rich in carbon steel sheets rust resistant precision are specially designed for stay sharp during plus time and haircut animal way more easy and efficient, for provide you the best and easy experience and personal care. Top sharp Adjustable with the thumb in the side trimmer attachment retires the Coulter smoothly for provide you cut lengths varying from 1mm length 3,5mm, what you let you get different lengths cutting without having that leave from trim for changing the combs, Rendering the experience not be so stressful for the animal. To get lengths longer, we 've included four Combs accessories coded colors that provide options cutting 3, 10, 13 and 25mm. The guide combs with code you help you identify quickly preferred length cut. Al design aspects have been succeeded in tally in making the safe animal basic trimmer attachment. It had very in tally the durability, comfort and handling, what you 've given to spot a safe animal trimmer attachment lightweight and easily controlled that offers a experience more relaxer for animal and, thanks to its quiet operation, is perfect for sensitive animal ratio noise. To keep your cutting trimmer attachment and get the best experience and the best is results, make sure put oil in the Coulter before start trimming and remove the hair trimmed it could stay stuck between the Coulter s way regular and return to put oil a measure that follow trimming. The kit includes the trimmer attachment so pets with power cord, protection for cutter blades, 4 Combs accessories, comb, oil for cutter blades, cleaning brush, hard case and instructions. Manufactured in us.

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