4 Port VGA Switch


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Easily switch one vga monitor/projector between two pcs, No external power supply needed, Supports up to 10 meters transmission distance, Supports other VGA devices, Supports up to 1920 x 1440 resolution.


1. Supports 2 VGA input signal(laptop,PC),1 output signal.Choose one of the two input signals to display.

2. Manual button switch

3. Detect the DDC info Automatically, adaptive resolution.

4. Supports all widescreen LCD display units.

5. Up to 1920*1440 input resolution, compatible for lower resolution. No need for power, plug, and use.


1. Output interface: One way VGA signal output

2. Input interface:2 VGA signal input

3. Appliance: Computer teaching system, Multimedia presentation, Video conferencing, HD display venue, Home theatre, Financial markets, Weather forecast center

4. Transmission distance: 10meters.

Note : - This can only display on 1 monitor switch, not on 2 monitors at the same time.

Connect mode

Mode A: 2 display units,1 computer. The image will only display on one of the screens. You can switch them back and forth from 2 display units by pressing the button.

Mode B: 1 display unit, 2 computers. The image will only display from computer 1 or 2. You can switch them back and forth from 2 computers by pressing the button.

VGA output 1 supports all kinds of display units, Such as TV, LCD screen, Projector, VGA input 1&2 supports PC, Laptop.

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