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Music Bluetooth USB Drive / USB Bluetooth Music Receiver Driver Audio Adapter for Speaker Phone PC:
With this device you can make any speaker including your car, home system or even your computer speakers wireless. It will enable you to play Music directly from your phone to your speakers with high quality sound through your phone's Bluetooth.You do not have to throw away your old speakers just invest in this adapter and your old speakers will be Bluetooth compatible.


  • It can change the wired to wireless and normal speaker to wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • It can match cell phone and iPad which have Bluetooth, achieve wireless speaker.
  • It can transform the music in the audio equipment to wireless play music.
  • Large compatibility, it can match cell phone and computer with Bluetooth, and also.


  1. Use the Bluetooth USB insert to the speaker
  2. Use the Audio cable to AUX Jack
  3. Open the function of the phone`s Bluetooth
  4. Use the phone`s Bluetooth function to search DMZMusic Bluetooth device
  5. Find the DMZMusic Bluetooth device and pair it. The password is "0000"
  6. Use the phone playing music. and you can enjoy the music Immediately

    • For No USB port Speakers: Supply power to the device by connecting charger with 5 V USB interface, then connect the Speaker’s AUX port with the audio cable.
    • For Speakers with USB port: Connect the device with speaker’s USB port directly, then-then connect the Speaker’s AUX port with the audio cable.
    • After matching success, the indicator light turns to twinkle slowly. Then you can use for iPhone and other Bluetooth transmitter playing the music.


    • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
    • Support A2DP V1.2
    • Powered by 5V DC
    • Transmission rate:3(Mbps)
    • Transmission distance: about 10 m
    • Power supply mode: USB-POWER
    • Unit size: 55*20*10mm
    • Color: Black/White

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