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A simple accessory to help us hold our smartphones with ease, comfort and many ways. Ungrip makes your phone feel smaller and it allows you to effortlessly handle any phone with one hand.

  • ALL-ROUNDER: Compatible with your favorite products such as iPhones, android phones, and most phone cases.
  • STYLE: There are many products that may not compliment your phone. However, with Ungrip’s unique selection of colors, your phone will find the right fit and set itself apart from others.
  • SECURE: As soon as you apply the strap to your phone, you will notice how well the adhesive keeps it latched on.
  • FLEXIBILITY: The strap allows you to hold your phones in many positions.

Whether you’re one of those people who typically drops their phone, has difficulty taking selfies, or just wants a comfortable and better way to hold their phone, look no farther than the Ungrip phone strap!

As consumers demand bigger and slimmer phones, it becomes increasingly difficult for some consumers to palm their phones the way they once used to. Ungrip’s phone strap solves this problem and allows you to enjoy your smartphone comfortably in your hand without sacrificing style.

Upon removing the strap from its packaging, carefully align it at an ideal position, clear the phone of any rough material/debris, carefully remove the tape cover off the Ungrip, place the Ungrip on the decided area and apply pressure, slide the strap into the socket, and you’re all set!

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