Sunset Lamp(RGB Night Desk Lamp + Remote)

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This is a unique color projector lamp that will help expand the sense of space, create a mysterious, romantic and cozy atmosphere and take stunning photos! Gently illuminates the environment and creates a warm sunset atmosphere. 

The lamp will paint your apartment in new bright colors - ideal for both parties and just a cozy evening at home. 

Has 1 color mode: sunset red - right on your wall! And you can also combine them and display new colors!

The height and tilt angle can be adjusted to suit you! 


  1. Adjustable height from 28 to 38 cm
  2. The farther the distance, the greater the projection
  3. Can project on wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, outdoors, in the house - anywhere.
  4. Powered by USB
  5. Made from high quality materials
  6. Anti-glare
  7. Long service life
  8. Rotates 360 degrees around its axis and 180 degrees to the side
  9. Diameter 9 cm

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