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Product description

The spd series off-grid solar system is designed for home and camping use. Solar panel in the sun for the energy of the product, then saved in the battery to support dc lighting, torch lighting to work and mobile charging.

The off-grid solar system is used wildly on no electricity or lack of electricity and urban area. It is used in road monitoring, tunnel power supply, communication base station, environmental monitoring and camping, hiking, outdoor and indoor lighting etc.

Product Feature

Portable, easy operation, changeable battery, environmental protection.

This system with built-in battery can use the solar panel or the adapter from a. to load. 3.2v dc and 5.5v dc output can charge mobile and other small electronics.

Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, anti-reverse charging protection to extend service life.


For the first time use, make sure that the battery is fully charged. (Turn on the machine, if the charging indicator is red; it will turn green after the battery is full.)

Solar panel charge: connect the solar panel and the host machine. Make sure that the panel is in the sun and has no shade or any covering on it. Better to make the panel face south at 45 degrees.

Charging the a.a adapter: use the standard a.a adapter, connect the adapter and the host machine first, and then connect the host machine with a.a. 220v.

5v usb output can charge mobile, e-book reader, game player, digital camera, mp4 etc.

Turn on the socket, use the switch to control the light.

Push the torch light forward, push the reading light back on, push in the middle, both light off.


Please read this manual before using.

Turn off the power if there is no need to use the system.

If you will not be using this system for a long time, please recharge it continuously for 8-10 hours every 3 months.

Please use the standard ac adapter and solar panel to charge.

It is not allowed to dismantle the solar panel and the battery.

Please check that the working condition is away from water, flammable gas and corrosive environment.

The working temperature is between 0? -40?.

Fault handling

Charging indicator is off during charging: make sure the solar panel connection is correct and the panel is in the sun; please make sure the host machine is powered on.

The system cannot operate and the charge indicator is off while the charge is connected: make sure the battery is fully charged, if the battery has no power, charge the battery continuously for 8-10 hours.

The system cannot work and the load indicator is no when the load is connected: check that the load connection part is good; make sure the connection is tight. If overload or short circuit, disconnect the load for 1 minute, then connect again.

Cannot turn on for the first time or after battery changes: use the solar panel or ac adapter to charge the host to activate the internal chip.

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