Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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Product Feature:
Display pressure and temperature of each tire simultaneously
Real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature 
High / low pressure, High-temperature warning 
Wireless data transmission and interference sensor
Alarm value customization, suitable for different models.
Automatic switch machine, vibration wake up, intelligent power.
Solar induction charging, built-in lithium battery, two charging methods.
Light sensor, automatically open the display backlight
Small size, does not affect the line of sight

Sensor Specifications:
Battery life: >5 years
Working voltage: 3V
Storage temperature: -40°C-130°C
Working temperature: -40°C-85°C
Temperature accuracy: ±2°C (25)°C
Working pressure: 0-8BAR
Transmit power: <10dBm

Package Includes:
1pc TPMS ALARM main unit
4pc external sensors
4pc Hex nut

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