Solar Panels 300W Monocrystalline


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300 watt 24 volt solar panel is a cost-effective way of generating electricity for both the residential and industrial sectors. It’s a high efficiency solar panel, suitable to power small to large size load. The panel absorb sunlight and convert it into solar power with 17% to 21% efficiency.

An important metric to consider when comparing solar panel options is the power rating of a panel, called wattage. A 300 watt is close to the average wattage of a solar panel available today and is suitable for all types of solar projects.


Particulars Description
Rated power 300 W
Open circuit voltage 44.5 V
Max. power voltage 35.5 V
Short circuit current 8.65 A
Max. power current 8.22 A
Module dimension 1968 x 987 x 40mm
Operating temperature -40 C to +85 c
Module efficiency (%) >19%
Max. system voltage 1000
Series fuse rating 15
Junction box IP 65 / IP 67
Output cables 4mm², min. 900mm length
Connectors MC4 Compatible
Cell layout 10 x 6
Frame Anodized aluminum
Weight 22kg
No. of Solar Cells 72 (156 x 156 mm)

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