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Now clean your laptop and LCD TV screen easily and safely with LCD plasma and laptop monitor screen cleaning kit. The kit includes a very effective and non-absorbent cleaning gel-liquid which causes no kind of harm or any kind of scratches on your laptop?s screen. You simply need to spray a little amount of it on the screen and clean using a cleaning wipe to get a sparkling finish on the screen. Features : screen cleaner for desktop, laptop, LCD or glass surface. effective advance non abrasive cleaning gel-liquid does not scratch or harm any surface. The micro fiber technology in wipe helps in cleaning your sensitive laptop screen & LCD. No batting will be left while the screen is polished and it will not hurt any kind of surface. Specially used in polishing liquid crystal screen. Spray proper amount of cleaning liquid on the LCD/TFT/laptop screens. Use cleaning wipe to wipe out overall screen surface.


Products Descriptions:
1. Microfiber cleaning cloth, 25*25cm.
2. Cleaning solution, bottle material PET, volume 200ml. Alcohol-free.

1. Without any toxic and harmful additive. Alcohol-free, non-corrosive. Liquid and Gel solution are always available for your option. Gel cleaner was made of special gel material, safe, not flow and convenient to use.
2. The retractable brush with soft hairs effectively helps to remove dust, dirt, food rests and crumbs, without scratching.
3. Soft, lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth, dries and polishes for a clear, non-streak finish. Harmless to the LCD screens and maintain brightness and clarity.
4. Packed in double-fold blister package, with printed paper card.

It is widely used to keep your PC, LCD screens, monitors, home appliance, Discs and many other electronic devices blank new. Enjoy cleaning, enjoy your life.

Usage :
1.Shake up the cleanser, keep it the distance of 5cm from LCD screen. 
2.Spray cleanser directly on the LCD screen, then clean it with the cleaning cloth smoothly. 


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