SAMSUNG Travel Adapter Super Fast Charging (25w)/ USB Type-C to Type-c cable


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--1-- Fast charger for charging compatible devices via USB Type-C

--2--Supports super fast charging with 25 watts

--3--USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable included

Super fast charging for a fast-paced lifestyle

Your devices deserve it. Discover a Charging Adapter with Super Fast Charge (25 W) and recharge your compatible devices at lightning speed. For convincing charging results, use the Samsung charging cable Type-C for Type-C.

Great loading results

The charging adapter can also be used for devices without fast charging technology. For devices that support standard PD 3.0, the load adapter can reach a speed of up to 25W. For other devices, it achieves the respective regular speed. The charging adapter is available in black and white, so you can tune it to your device.

* Super Fast Charge feature is compatible with devices that have USB PD 3.0 and support Direct Charging. Devices that do not support the USB PD 3.0 charging standard will charge slower. ** The actual charging speed may vary depending on the device and various factors.

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