Mosquito Killing Lamp


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    Using LED light source, 360 DEGREES OF OMNIDIRECTIONAL light. no dead angle for mosquito trapping.
    Low energy consumption and energy saving province electricity, support USB power supply directly connecting charging
    Integrated mosquito storage box design: non-oxidizing rust, good air permeability easy to clean, ultra-durable
     Mosquito escape prevention design: let mosquitoes only in and out, a net
    Efficient and energy-saving, silent design: Mosquito catching is quiet and odorless, so that you can sleep safely
    Scope of Application
    This product is widely used in villas, courtyards, houses, hospitals, bars, apartments, kindergartens, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, farms, fields, and other venues
      Warm Tip: Never let the baby close to close to the source of direct vision lamp

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