OTG Mini Adapter Micro USB/Type C


Type: Micro USB
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  • Easy data sync between your device and external memory without a computer.
  • Connect your peripherals like mouse, keyboards and more to your portable electronics.
  • Low-profile connector with a reversible design simplifies the connection.
  • A single powerful interface can also support data, audio and video, power.
  • Top quality design and High-quality materials to ensure reliability and provide super speed charging and transferring.
  • With a key ring design, easy and convenient to carry.

The OTG mini adapter is a very useful device that can make your life so much easier in so many ways. With the OTG Mini Adapter you can connect directly a flash drive or other storage media such as External Hard Drive / Card Reader,etc to your Android Smartphone/tablet and you can edit, rename, copy / cut, transferring the data/files/folders in it or vise versa. In addition, if you connect a mouse computer with OTG Mini Adapter into Android smartphone/tablet, it will automatically appear on the screen, a pointer. Awesome Right?
The OTG Mini adapter is more portable than other OTG you can get and plus it is much cheaper as well. Micro 2.0 USB OTG support Android Smartphone or device.
  • This OTG converter does not support both OTG functions and charging simultaneously
  • Functions depend on the OS and applications of the device. Please consult your documentation or your service provider to ensure that yourdevice does support USB OTG functionality


  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Input: USB 2.0 Micro B Male or USB 2.0 Type C
  • Output: USB 2.0 Type A Female

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