LEIDA Carbon Battery R20P 1.5V 2PCS


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Product name: Radar battery - blue gold 2B (2 cards)
Model: No. 1 (D-type) dry battery
Product material: zinc-manganese dry battery
Product packaging: 2
Capacitance: Continuous discharge for about 10 hours, the power is 30% higher than that of ordinary similar batteries
Product Features: The radar battery adopts the new international battery conduction technology, so that the chemical energy in the battery can be fully converted into electrical energy, and the power is strong and lasting!
Radar products are of high quality and good performance. All products have passed the XQ leak-proof test, which is safe and reliable! Radar batteries are mercury-free,
Lead and cadmium-free environmentally friendly products do not need to be recycled, safe and environmentally friendly!
Usage: Suitable for electric toys, radios, repeaters, remote controls, door locks, electric shavers, wireless mice, keyboards, wireless doorbells, wireless headphones, lighting equipment, microphones, digital cameras, flashes, game consoles, etc.

Notes: 1. Please confirm the positive [+] and negative [-] poles of the battery before use.
                    2. Do not mix old batteries or different types of batteries;
                    3. Do not charge, disassemble or heat the battery, so as not to cause the battery to leak or burst.


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