Ethernet to HDMI extender

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function :

  • This type of HDMI Extender through CAT-5E / 6 use two pieces of CAT-5e / 6 cables to expand HDTV display up to 30 meters to 1080 p. This not only breaks the lenth limit on HDMI cable transmission but also CAT-5e / 6 ma greater flexibility and convenience during cable construction.
  • one pair as a full functional module, no need to set up
  • Cat-5e / 6 cable can replace the HDMI cable for long distance transmission
  • follow the IEEE-568B standard
  • transmission distance can be up to 30 meters to 1080 p using the CAT-6 cable
  • compact size
  • rater to 1.65 Gbps signaling in support of 1080p display


  • Dual Network Port HDMI Extender Cable Over Cat 5e / 6
  • material: Hard Plastic
  • suitable Cat-5e / 6 for HD-DVD, PS3 STB ITP
  • black colour
  • rozmiar: 3.9X5.7 cm/1.54 " X 2.25 "

Connections and Service:

  • connect a fixed HDMI signal source to the HDMI cable from the sender, such as: for HD-DVD, PS3, STB etc.
  • connecting two CAT-5e / 6 cables to both the transmitter output and the receiver input
  • connect a fixed HDMI cable of the receiver to the HDMI display (Such as: HD-LCD, HD-DLP)

    Contents of the package:

    1 Pair HDMI To Dual Port Network Cable Extender RJ45 Over Cat 5e / 6 1080p

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