HD Conversion cable With VGA + Audio Output


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  • This is a unidirectional device, it works from HDmi to vga, not in reverse. It means your source should be HDmi and destination should be vga., 1. Connect the HDmi connector of the adapter to your HDmi device (dvd, ps3, xbox360, Blu-ray, media player, etc....)
  • Turn on the HDmi device and the display device and enjoy, best product, HDmi to vga converter, no audio output (because vga (video graphics array) doesn't support audio)
  • Connect the vga cable of your monitor or projector to the vga female port of the adapter
It is a professional HDMI male to vga rgb female HDMI  to VGA video converter adapter 1080p for pc
Power Input: No need extra Power,from HDMI Power
HDMI INput: the HDMI INput interface
VGA Output:VGA signal Output interface
It supports full-size high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p.
Can use for All HDMI input and VGA output device.
It does not support large voltage output devices,Audio output,DVD,HD player,
Range of application: suitable for with HDMI interface equipment (such as notebook, box, set top box, etc.), through a VGA line and  with VGA interface display devices (such as monitors, televisions, etc.). When connecting, please pay attention to the direction, does not support the two-way interaction. (can not turn from VGA to HDMI)
Color: Black
Cable length: Approx. 25cm
Application: Multimedia
Gender: Male-Female
Connector Type: HDMI
Connector A: HDMI
Connector B: VGA
Packing: Polybag
Shielding: Non-Shielded

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