Solar Rechargeable Camping Light YT-821

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Product Description

  • Solar Lantern: there's no need to replace the battery, simply charging in the Sun, even without direct sunlight, indoors at the sunny, such as balconies, Windows and even fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps can also be charged. Wet weather can also be hand-cranked power use.
  • This product adopts imported solar wafers, high efficiency, long life, fast charge.
  • Power consumption is minimal: brightness than ordinary light bulbs, as well as close to natural light. No harm to the eyes.
  • The service life of up to 50,000 hours, almost without considering the question of changing the light bulbs.
  • High-quality ABS: light, durable and rugged
  • Hiking, camping, traveling, geological prospecting, archaeology lamp outdoor helper.
  • Books to use at home on weekdays, repair, to prevent power failures, one object.
  • Normal operation, lithium batteries can be used 500 times (not too few, assuming a year for 12 times, average 5 days at a time, once a year for 60 days, even 100 times a year, or you can use for 5 years).

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