GORDAK 958D anti-static 220V 450W soldering station


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GORDAK 958D microcomputer intelligent temperature control hot air soldering station smd rework station hot air soldering station

1. The GORDAK 958D hot air gun is compact and sturdy. Closed-loop sensor control, high power, fast heating, precise temperature stability, suitable for soldering and de-soldering surface mounting. Such as QFPM PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc.

2. There is a sensor switch inside the heat gun. As long as the handle enters the operating state, the system quickly enters the working state, the handle is returned to the handle frame, and the system quickly enters the sleep state.

3. The GORDAK 958D hot air gun intelligent cooling system extends the service life.

4. Brushless fan, low noise. The air volume can be adjusted and the air is soft.

GORDAK 958D hot air gun technical details:

Power supply: AC 220V (60Hz)

Energy consumption: 450 watts temperature.

Control range: 100-450 ° C

Air pump: soft air flow

Airflow: 120L / Min (maximum)

Handle length: 120 cm

Noise: <45 dB

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