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DNA Headphones, DNA

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

Your tracks. Your Sound. Your Style. Your DNA.

From the world's leading designer of high-performance headphones, comes the newest in headphones technology, Monster DNA. Hear every detail, feel every beat, and express a bold, iconic, new look.

Not Your Ordinary Headphone

DNA headphones

Pure Monster Sound

With DNA, you don't have to choose between deep bass or crystal details. These headphones are tuned for live music experience. Just like being there.

dna headphones

Pillow-Soft Noise Isolation

The pillow-soft Advanced Noise Isolating cushions are comfortable for hours, keeping noise out and keeping your music from disturbing others.

dna headphones

Share Your Music with MusicShare

DNA headphones' dual audio input jacks let you link your MusicShare headphones together and share the audio. Plugin and experience music and movies with your friends

DNA Headphones

Made Solid

Whether stuffed in a bag or worn constantly, DNA headphones' durable yet ultra-light materials help them withstand whatever your life throws at them

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