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Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart PIR Motion Sensor Human Body Movement Detector Wireless Smart Body Mini Automation With Alexa Google Home


The pyroelectric infrared sensor is adopted, which has the advantages of high sensitivity and anti-interference.

The 120° super large detection angle can sense the movement of the human body within 5 meters, and quietly record every passing moment.

Install multiple sensors at different locations at the door, kitchen, bedroom, etc. at the same time. When you open the door, the living room light will automatically turn on; when you leave the kitchen, the kitchen socket will automatically cut off; when you wake up at night, the desk lamp will automatically turn on... through linkage Other smart home devices, wherever you go, smart life can follow.

When the device perceives human movement within the detection range, it will transmit the information to the cloud through the gateway, and you can receive real-time alarm pushes on the App. wherever you are, and you will be in control of the movement.

The product is the size of a ping-pong ball, concealed installation is not eye-catching.

Comes with a 360-rotating mounting base, which can be placed horizontally, upside down and vertically, and choose the appropriate installation method and location according to the different home environment.

It adopts low-power passive sensing method, installs a button battery, it can be used continuously for more than 365 days. You can also set low-battery information push through the App to remind you to replace the battery in time.

Keep time can be set by yourself, there are three options of 30s\60s\120s .

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