The accessory every woman needs.....(Handbags)

When it comes to women’s fashion, handbags are a necessary accessory. But just like it is with jewellery and shoes, it is important to choose the right handbag for a truly fantastic look.


A good bag can either rock or kill one’s look. To really pull it off, find ways to blend your bag with your outfit.

smartgud's fashion specialist says women are in love with handbags and they are one of the most sought for accessories in his store.

“Women always carry a lot of stuff, that’s why they have to have a handbag with them. Young girls prefer big handbags whereas older women love medium or even a small purse,” Sifari says.
Here are some of the bags every woman should have in their wardrobe.

The everyday bag

For a really great look, try to match your bag with your outfit.

Your everyday bag should have a neutral colour that can match almost all your outfits. It should be something cute and not extraordinary. Look for a bag that can carry all your necessities.

The clutch

A clutch is something not very many women own. They are appropriate for formal occasions. Some are only big enough to carry an ID, lip gloss and maybe some cash, but you don’t need much at a formal function.

The crossbody bag

They are so popular right now and are great for a number of reasons. They are easily worn and mostly go with casual outfits, for a casual date, or a girl’s night out. They’re mostly of medium size which gives one a break from the larger bags; they are a must-have for the modern woman.

The weekend bag

These are great for a weekend getaway. You don’t always need to hold a big suitcase each time you travel. Weekend bags are so much more chic and stylish to carry.


The crossbody bag is easy to carry.

These handbags are usually square in shape and have two thick handles that allow the bag to be carried easily. Totes can be used every day or even taken to the office.

“When one is shopping for a purse or handbag they should consider checking out the material, in most cases leather bags are the best. Check for the space inside the bag and of course select a colour of your preference. These days, women prefer bright colours like red, pink, blue and silver. The price range for good bags is N$200 to N$600 and above.

A simple guide to shopping for a handbag

• When shopping for an everyday handbag, pick one made in durable material to withstand tear.

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