Reasons Why You Should Have A Power Bank
Here are 5 reasons why you need a portable charger.
Portable Chargers Provide Protection
If your phone dies and somebody was meant to contact you, what’s going to happen?
If you are being followed on the way home from a night out and don’t have any battery left on your device, how will you call for help? You won't. Not having a charged cell phone could be life-threatening.
Cell phone companies provide battery life statistics, but those statistics never seem accurate. You divide the expected battery life by two, and your phone battery still doesn't last that long.
Phones are getting slimmer, but they are also getting more powerful. And power requires energy. The energy that phones don't have, but portable chargers do.
SmartGuds offers several sizes of portable chargers to fit your needs. If you need a smaller charger that fits in your pocket, the A1 portable charger or A2 external battery are great options. If you need a higher charge capacity in your portable charger, try the A8 QC power bank with a whopping 26,800 mAh or the A5 external battery. Need something right in the middle? Try the A3 portable battery.
External Batteries are Perfect for Traveling  
You hop on a bus and see the electrical outlets. You get excited...until you find out they don’t work. Your device suddenly becomes a ticking time bomb as you are nearing 5% battery life.
Do you check how to get to your Airbnb at your destination, or do you save your battery?
One of the best things about traveling is the uncertainty and surprises unless it comes to electricity. A portable charger such as the SmarGuds A8 QC power bank gives you comfort because you know that you will have power on the go, regardless of where you go.
And the bonus? You can share the external battery love with your friends and family. The A8 QC power bank has four USB ports and QuickCharge 3.0 technology to quickly charge four devices at a time.
Portable Chargers Give Us Freedom
According to an LG Electronics Smartphone "Low Battery Anxiety" Survey, 90% of people panic and will alter their plans when faced with low battery anxiety. That means that most of us won’t enjoy ourselves when we are out because our batteries are too low.
Once that battery drops below 20%, people tend to skip the gym to charge their phones, argue with their significant other about missed calls or texts, or order something at a bar while their phone charges. 32% of people will drop their plans entirely and head home to charge their phone! Give yourself the freedom to do what you want, when you want.
If we have our devices charged, we can do more things and we can worry less.
Power Banks Provide Convenience
Long day? You decide to go to bed to watch that new episode of your favorite TV show on your tablet. You get into your bed, turn on Netflix, and see a low battery warning on your tablet. You decide to plug into a charger. But, wait━you can't because your cable is either too short or your sockets aren't beside your bed. So what do you do? Do you give up watching your show in the middle of it?
Short cable? Not enough electrical sockets around your bed? Just connect to a SmartGuds portable charger while in your bed. External batteries provide convenience both in and out of your home.
Never Miss an Opportunity
If your phone dies and somebody was meant to contact you, what’s going to happen?
A potential client might contact you in the middle of the day. But you only have 10% left. What do you do?
You have a first date planned, but your smartphone died as you are running late. Will they wait for you, or have you missed this opportunity? A SmartGuds portable charger will keep your devices charged anytime, anywhere you go.
Portable Chargers Make Life Easier
Why complicate things when a portable charger makes life easier? Whether it be for security, traveling, convenience, or the freedom to do what we want when we want, you need a portable charger. It's that simple. Portable chargers make life easier.

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