As we as a whole explore the new normal and begin to wander back out into the world with our protective protocols setup, I've seen that we're discovering
difficulties in unforeseen spots like our own appearances. Many of my friends are expressing their dissatisfaction about their makeup coming off on their
masks. One friend admitted that she has quit wearing makeup below her mask since it makes such a mess on her face. Some have quit wearing makeup all
together. This dilemma isn't uncommon.

Fortunately there are in reality some straightforward solutions you can execute
to address the feared makeup-to-mask transfer. We should take a look at
a breakdown by category!


Prior to applying any makeup, start by assessing your skincare products. Going
less emollient with lotions can give the skin a superior canvas for
makeup to cling to. Numerous individuals are getting achievement utilizing
serums instead of hefty creams. You'll certainly need to keep away from oil based

  • BeautyPrep™ Hyaluronic Serum is our recommendation. It permits skin to hold
    multiple times its weight in recommendation without trading off establishment


Think about your formula when wearing a cover. Like a moisturizer, heavy
emollients can frequently bargain life longevity and transfer resistance. Keep
away from cream foundations and stick to lightweight fluids or powders. In
case you're worried about inclusion, layer them for a more opaque

  • Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation and PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation are
    our recommendations. They give buildable coverage and a magnificent stay-
    put finish. I suggest applying using our Flocked Sponge in a squeezing and
    rolling movement for extra coverage.


In the age of highlighting and contouring, so many of us are at a misfortune for
how to create that beautiful glow on the cheeks and still remain transfer
resistant. All things considered, powders are the best approach. Also,
you'll be glad to realize that numerous highlighters come in powder recipes.
They likewise arrive in an assortment of tones and wraps up.

  • GreatShape™ Contour Kit is our recommendation. It contains powder form, become
    blush and highlighter that shape and sculpt the face with brilliant


This is the biggest challenge for most of us. The key here is innovation. The
item should be explicitly defined to increase adherence. Glosses and balms are
better for virtual events.  But if you are going to be wearing a mask, look
for a stain.   

  • Beyond Matte™ Lip Fixation Lip Stain is our best recommendation. The durable,
    matte-finish formula doesn't simply add tone in one swipe, it remains on for
    quite a long time. Furthermore, stand by until you see the entirety of the
    lovely shadings it comes in!

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