Benefits Of Using Sticky Notes

In a world where productivity software reigns supreme, there is a humble stationery that is still thriving as an effective tool for enhancing reading and learning skills — sticky notes.

While software companies have attempted to digitize the sticky note, no app has proven to be more popular than the original small square piece of paper.

Why are stick notes still one of the most effective tools to get things done? And how to use them the smart way to be more productive?

“The easiest and most ubiquitous way to get stuff out of your head is pen and paper.”

Not only does it impart a more intimate aspect to the communication exchange, but our brains tend to process things better when written by hand compared to typing.

The appeal of sticky notes is that they can be an attention-grabbing and persuasive tool for communication.

"Things you can do with sticky notes"

1. Bookmark Pages

2. Annotate Chunks of Text

3. Color Code Tasks

4. Brainstorm Ideas

5. Practice Foreign Language Vocabulary

6. Create To-Do Lists

7. Plan Projects

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