2 Ways Technology is Improving Our Eating Experience

Throughout our lives innovations in food related technology have always seemed to be something that has taken a bit of a back burner. Communication, storage, vehicles, construction and numerous other fields always seem to have the big breaks, the new gadgets and gismos that everyone rushes for, and they seem to then get combined where possible with our same-old kitchen gadgets; smart fridges, cookers or microwaves etc. Here we’re going to look at some ideas that are actually new innovation’s in food technology. They seem to focus, as everything does, on lowering calories, cutting time, knowing what’s in our food and how I can possibly use it with my phone. So without further ado, let’s begin.

3D Printing Food

Lynne Kucsma, cofounder of Natural Machines, the maker of Foodini, the 3D-printer mentioned later has explained the major positive of 3D printing food &You might ask, why would you want to print that? You can get that in the supermarket,& the point of the technology is to help lower the hidden ingredients of food; the preservatives, salt and oil, all found in packaged food. The idea of 3D printed food doesn’t exactly get you salivating but eventually it’ll be a vital tool in numerous culinary areas including space travel!

The Foodini is a perfect example of the everyday possibilities for the home kitchen. The user blends the ingredients and the printer can print the desired shape including burgers, pizza, and desserts although currently it doesn’t take all the labour out of making a meal, plans are in place so that the device will cook the food as well. Large organizations are even seeing the potential; Hershey for example have started exhibiting the CocoJet 3D printer to print intricate chocolate designs through the use of an iPad.

Robotic Staff in Restaurants

Waiting for your meal can ruin an entire evening, even waiting for the order to be taken can be bad, especially when their busy, so the chance of potentially wiping this out sounds nothing but great in my opinion and apparently many people agree. Robotic waiters are being used across the world as an alternative to the conventional human counterparts, in one China based restaurant in Harbin province, dishes are prepared by robot chefs and delivered to the table by robotic waiters. Although actual robots seem a wonderful idea, even something as simple as a tablet is being used to great effect. The restaurant chain Applebee’s have rolled out 100,000 Presto tablets, powered by Intel, across their restaurants to drastically lower ordering times, food delivery and paying their bill.

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