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    A Baby Panda Is the Size of a Stick of Butter

    Did you know a baby panda is the size of a stick of butter? Well now you do, its amazing that they grow up to be so "giant".

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    Use a Gray Shirt Instead

    Instead of using a white or tan undershirt or bra under your white dress shirt or blouse try using a gray one. By using a gray shirt you decrease visibility of it, and wont have those annoying outlines of the shirt.

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    Color to Reduce Stress

    If a taking a run or having a bubble bath just isn't doing it for you to reduce stress, try coloring.Coloring in a coloring book can reduce a persons stress or anxiety, they even make adult coloring books for those who don't feel like drawing Hello Kitty.

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    Hello Kitty Is Not a Kitty

    Hello Kitty is actually a human named Kitty White. She enjoys dressing up as a cat who looks suspiciously similar to her pet cat Charmmy Kitty.

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    Hoover Dam's Father and Son

    The first person to die at Hoover Dam during construction was the father of the last person to die at Hoover dam during construction. Wow what a weird coincidence.

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    U.S Bills Are Contaminated With Cocaine

    90% of United States bills are contaminated with traces of cocaine, some are even contaminated enough to be detected by police dogs.

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    Armadillos Carry Leprosy

    If you ever thought it would be cool to have an armadillo as a pet than you might want to think again because a tiny armadillo can pass on leprosy to humans.

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    What an Embarrassment

    When you take a group of the cute giant panda bears they become an embarrassment. If pandas are called embarrassments when grouped together, it makes you wonder what other weird names for animal groups are out there.

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    Koalas Can't Get Sore Throats

    Remember all those mornings you woke up with a horrible sore throat? Well, koala bears will never know that feeling because they don't get sore throats. Maybe it's all that eucalyptus leaves.

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    The Longest Word in the English Dictionary Is...

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. wow try saying that five times fast.

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