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How to turn on / turn off the TWS AirPods?

Power on: the two TWS earbuds will turn on and pair each other automatically after take out from charging case.

Power off: put the TWS earbuds back to the battery box, then the earbuds will turned off.

How to pairing TWS?

The pairing method of TWS is similar with i12 TWS earbuds, which is pretty easy.

Step 1: take the TWS earbuds out of the battery box and it will turned on and entering the pairing mode.

Step 2: enable the phone Bluetooth and search the TWS-XXXX" or your earbuds model numbers at the Bluetooth LIST.

Step 3: You will hear prompt "connected" when you  AirPods connected with your phone.

How to play music with TWS?

●Play/Pause: touch power button for once

●Next song: touch the power button of left earbuds for 2 times

●Previous song: touch the power button of right earbuds for 2 times

How to adjust volume with TWS?

●Reduce volume: touch the power button of left earbuds for 3 times

●Increase volume: touch the power button of right earbuds for 3 times

How to answer the phone call with TWS earbuds?

●Answer/End call: press once power button.

●Reject call: double press the power button.

●Call siri: press and hold the power button 2 seconds during play model

How to charge the TWS?

●Charging the TWS earbuds:

Put the earbuds into the slot of charging case, then power on the charging case, the LED indicator will flash red and will turn off after fully charged.

●Charging the battery box (charging case):

Charging the battery box with a USB cable, the LED indicator will light on. Or you can put the battery case on the wireless charger.

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