SONAR Professional Hair Clipper


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Product Description

Cordless clipper sonar hair clipper
Sonar SN-6010 Rechargeable

A hair shaving machine with a simple, small model and with a body appearance that is combined with stainless steal material,
In addition to the simple model, this tool is also equipped with a strong and long-lasting battery.
Hand-held palm size, the machine is smooth and comfortable to use.

Product details

Cable engraving edge scissors
Sonar SN-6016: Edge shears, sonar wired cable, 2.30 meters long,
The power of the machine sharpens, thins, allows customers to immediately use, the shop Guarantees sharpness. Definitely not fooling customers, Confident, Click to buy products


Packaging content:

  • cleaning brush * 1
  • User Manual * 1
  • engine * 1
  • charger * 1
  • accessories guide comb * (3 pcs)
  • packing box * 1
  • no oil

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