Solar System For Television For up to 52" and Lights

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Buy this complete solar system which you can use to power Lights, Charging Cellphones / Laptop, plus a Televisions up to 52". 

This Solar System Includes:


150Watt Solar Panel

This is a 150W Panel with the specs of 7.5A 20V. The panel turns solar power into electrical energy.

20A Charge Controller 

This is a 20A Controller, it's function is to make sure the battery gets the right amount of voltage which protects it from over voltage and prolongs the battery life.  This controller has a digital display that allows you to monitor how much volt or current is going to the battery and it also shows the state of the battery.

12v 200Ah Battery


This is a 200Ah battery, it's function is to stores the power that comes from the panel for later uses.

1000W DC to AC Inverter

This is a 12v 1000W inverter, it's function is to convert power from the Battery(DC) into power the appliances in our house use(AC) such as Television, Radio, Fans, and more. This Inverter is easy to use because it has built-in plugs which any user can just plug in their appliances straight to it.
Disclaimer: Due to the difficulties in finding similar pictures as the products. The brand name of the inverter and Battery will differ, but they are the same size as stated above.

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