Handheld Video Game


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Handheld Video Game is cool and portable, you can take it anywhere! It’s very easy to use.


Product Specification:
Color: Black 
Screen: 4.3 inches TFT LED 
Built-in: 368 no-repeating games 
Languages: English 
Speaker: Yes 
Working time: 6~8hours 
Battery: 700MA lithium-ion rechargeable battery 

1. Before connecting to a TV.make sure that your TV and the unit are turned off. 
2. Switch the channel on TV to the Audio/Video channel. 

Battery notice: 
1. Do not short circuit battery contacts 
2. Do not dispose of batteries in fire 
3. Remove the batteries from the unit if sit will not be used for an extended period of time.

Standard accessories : 
1 x Game console PVP 
1 x User manual 
1 x AV Cable 
1 x USB Cable 
2 x Lithium battery

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