B-02 Wireless Binaural

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1. Wireless dual ear Bluetooth 5.0 headphone, touching operation, HiFi sound quality, comprehensive upgrade, equipped with high purity graphene diaphragm, high performance iron boron loudspeaker, shock bass, let you immersed in own music world.
2. With Bluetooth 5.0 powerful chip, greatly improve compatibility, clear voice, fluent without delay.
3. Cinema level surround stereo sound effect, full frequency lossless HiFi fidelity.
4. Dual ears touching control, can change traditional tedious button control, get rid of the discomfort caused to ears when button pressed, easily operate and experience more comfortable.
5. Comfortable to wear, waterproof and sweatproof, 250mAh battery, dual ear call, automatic pairing, mobile phone charging, Bluetooth 5.0, 4g weight, 5 hours endurance, electric quantity display, touching control button, HiFi sound effect.
6. Pick up then pairing, instantly complete connection, just pick up headset and pairing with your mobile phone, real smart pair.
7. Dual ears high definition call, using bluetooth 5.0 enhanced version and EDR enhanced version scheme, strong signal, clear and fluent call, no delay, voice real time transmission, high definition human voice no distortion.
8. Three frequencies integrated system, gives you HiFi enjoyment, integrating low, medium and high frequency intelligence into same speaker system, frequency range wide, coverage range wide, bass mellow and natural, middle treble cleaning and clear.
9. Separate designed, single/double ear by connection. Both headphones can connected to one mobile phone to share same music with friends at the same time, or can connected to single phone, as two separate headphones.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Bluetooth Earphone
Model: B-02
Material: ABS
Color: As Pictures Shown
Bluetooth Transmission Distance10M
Bluetooth Mo

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