Air Mouse MX8-M

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Systerm support  Google/ Android OS 
Mac OS 
Linux OS 
Transmission and control 2.4 G RF wireless radio-frequency technique
Sensor 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
Number Of Keys 81 keys
Control distance 10m
Battery Type AAA
Working Consumption Less than 10mA 
Material Plastic and silicone
Product Dimensions 172 x 52 x 19mm
Weight Approximately 100g
Packaged Contents 1 x 2.4 G Keyboard with IR Remote 
1 x USB Wireless Receiver 
1 x User Manual
IR learning function 1. Long press the TV button,the LED light will automatically go from fast flashing to slow 
flashing then the fly mouse will enter into IR learning mode. 
2. After the fly mouse and the TV remote control have been aligned through infrared 
transmittion,press the POWER button of the TV control and the 
LED of the fly mouse will light indicating that the air mouse has 
received code values from the TV remote control. 
3. Click air mouse key that need to learn,the LED light 
starts slow flashing which means that the TV remote control air mouse 
has received the code values. 
4.After the learning success,you can press the TV button to exit 
the learning mode and the LED light will stop automatically.

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