18mm Blade (set of 10)

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  • 10 RUST PROOF BLADES - Kutir Utility Knife Blades are Stainless Steel. All the blades have 8 Pre-Cut Section that Snap-Off easily so that the blade remains sharp all the time.
  • MATERIAL 50% SHARPER - The electroplated blades are extremely sharp to cut faster and safer boxes, wallpapers, carpets, cardboards, vinyl, backer board and ropes easily. It’s very strong that you can push hard to cut strong carpet or boxes.
  • TRIPLE CUTTING EDGE STAYS 3 TIMES SHARPER - Because of Triple cutting edge technology it so sharp and easy to cut through almost any surface. Use it with caution as it can cut through anything like a hot knife in butter.
  • HEAT TREATED & INDUCTION HARDENED EDGE - Heat treated for strength and induction hardened for longevity up to 75% longer-lasting life. HRC: 63-65

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